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Hello from Italy.

I’m Marco Venturini of TravelinKayak, ACA (American Canoe Association) whitewater and coastal kayaking instructor.

If you wish to organize a tailor made kayaking or multisport journeys in Italy or in the Mediterranean Sea, we are the right partner for you.

Our specialization are tailor made trips and quality sea kayaking journeys for small groups.

We are based in central Italy from where it’s easy to reach the best kayaking spots of the warm and charming Mediterranean Sea (Sardinia, Croatia, Corsica, Greece, south Italy).

We are dealer/agent for some of the best british sea kayaks (Evolution Sea KayaksNigel Dennis, Valley, Rockpool, Northshore) and we own a beautiful fleet of sea kayaks (composite and polyethylene, single and doubles) with top equipment (all you need for kayaking except your personal technical clothes)trailer and multivans able to offer a complete service.

TravelinKayak is not a travel agency and you will not be treated as a client.

We are passionate about slow travels, Kayaking and active journeys, designers of exclusive trips in terms of authenticity and unicity, ambassador of culture and explorer of wilderness.

Most of our trip are “one of”.

Of course we don’t like commercial tours.

Our mission is offer stylish experiences by traveling in the beauties of the Mediterranean and provide enjoyable journeys.

We love life style, culture, nature.

We are proud of more than 10 years of experience leading kayaking groups safely and having fun, some in partnership with international paddlers and top outfitter.

About me



All started thank to the great passion for kayaking and travels and the idea to offer real experiences and trips/activities that are original and fascinating.

I have more than 20 years of practice, with an heritage of seamanship, more than 10 years in leading kayaking trips.

You are dealing with an expert and prudent driver, a conservative decision maker, a problem solver, a logistic solver.

Even if I don’t practice … I’m an international law university graduate.

I’m passionate about: kayaking, hiking, biking, travels, history, tradition, culture.

I’m curious, always looking for something special, I’m an outdoor men that practice leave no trace.

I trust people, I’m discreet.

I grew up in a simple family customer oriented, where hospitality is a gold rule.

Marco Venturini.


I like to thank some special persons without whom TravelinKayak would not exsist or would not be as it is.

First my family and my wife.

Jaime Corral Barreiro www.nordeskayak.com

Mario Droghini

Enrico Carrossino TravelinKayak Riviera www.kayakxplore.com

Enrico Verdozzi Smee

Jaime Sharp

Ben Lawry

ACA American Canoe Association

Of course all the friends, partners, participants of adventures that supported this project.
Thank you very much to all of you!

Marco Venturini



Sea kayak brands we represent in Italy

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Traveller code of conduct

By observing you enter in another culture. By listening you learn something more, instead of talking about things you know already. Be curious. Be smart. Be respectful. Have fun.
A trip with TRAVEL IN KAYAK should be a fun, educational and unforgettable experience; Italy and the Mediterranean is a culturally and environmentally diverse area, with an enormous amount of things to do and a fascinating history.  We hope you are looking forward to your time in the country, and would like to ask you to take a few minutes to read though our Travelers Code of Conduct and consider the impact that tourism can have on local communities and natural environments before you arrive.
As a responsible kayaking and tour company, we encourage and comply with environmentally and socially-sustainable practices. This is particularly important because we offer “off the beaten path” kayaking and tour experiences, which often take us and our clients through unusual areas vulnerable to environmental damage and cultural change. The following guidelines are designed to minimize our impact on the areas we visit, explain acceptable and respectful behavior, and how to consider cultural differences you may encounter.  Please take the time to read the information below, and let us know if you have any questions!

TRAVEL IN KAYAK encourages you to consider the following aspects of responsible tourism and apply them during your trip.

Be sensitive to Local Customs
Conduct that may be acceptable in certain Western communities (ie. nude sun bathing, loud and gregarious public conversation) is not appropriate in some regions and culture.

  • Churches are often viewed as tourist attractions; however, their primary purpose is as houses of worship for local residents; visitors should be quiet and respectful.
  • Be aware of people’s sensitivity to be photographed; always ask first.
  • Be perceptive of your own cultural values and how they affect your judgment of others. There are many different concepts of time, personal space, communication etc. which are not wrong or inferior, just different.
  • Act as an example for other travellers who are less informed than you!

Be Flexible in Your Expectations
Approach your travels with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed. Sometimes plans change and a chance for more in-depth learning or a unique cultural experience presents itself. Adapt yourself to the situation rather than trying to change the situation to you.

Bridging the Cultural Gaps
Take the opportunity to be a cultural ambassador. Much of the world’s image is based on the unrealities of television and magazines. Look for situations for cultural exchange whereby learning about each other’s lives is mutual. Getting to know the person sitting next to you on a local bus or the person cooking your food is often a rewarding experience.

On the Trail
Once your trip is underway, there is much that can be done to minimize consumption of resources, creation of waste, and your impact on the natural environment.  The following suggestions and guidelines are designed to help you achieve these important goals.

Practice Environmental Minimum Impact
Many kayaking, treks and tours occur in and around protected areas. We support and comply with the laws and regulations for these areas, and will make you aware of any restrictions or special circumstances at your pre-trek briefing.  In addition, our guides can provide you with specific information in relation to the protected species you may see on the trail.

No matter what the legal status of the land we are travelling through, the following guidelines are important to follow in order to reduce the effects of your presence:

Follow the international “Leave No Trace” rules – which include:

  • Plan ahead and prepare; remember to pack biodegradeable soap and rechargeable batteries for your flashlights and cameras.  Any non-reusable batteries should return home with you at the end of your trip, or use the appropriate facilities to recycle them.
  • Dispose of waste properly.
  • Leave what you find
  • Respect wildlife; this includes minimizing lighting after dark and noise at all times.
  • Be considerate of your hosts and other visitors
  • When hiking, stay on the trail. Don´t trample delicate vegetation or remove any form of plant or animal life.
  • Do not pick flowers or collect local seeds.
  • Don´t approach, surround or chase animals you may observe in order to get a photograph. Don´t attempt to feed animals, and be careful not to leave foods around the campsite.

Solid Waste
One of the biggest environmental challenges all operators face is the collection and removal of the waste created during their kayak or treks. By following the suggestions below you will be helping us greatly and leaving your route cleaner than you found it!

  • If you see litter, collect it.  When breaking camp, take care to pick up small pieces of plastic, orange peels or other small pieces of rubbish.
  • We recommend that you bring a water bottle that can be filled with hot water.  Nalgene-style plastic bottles can work well for your entire trip – you can refill both on the trail and in your hotels.
  • Carry all rubbish out. This includes your used toilet paper, and you should bring a resealable bag to store this in.

Say NO to Plastic Water Bottles and Bags
Every time travellers purchase a disposable plastic water bottle, they are contributing to a solid waste problem that is reaching epic proportions.  In addition to water in bottles, the production of a one-litre  plastic bottle requires two litres of water and 200ml of oil.  Carry a reusable hard plastic or other bottle to refill with treated or boiled water.

Encourage Minimal Use of Energy and Water
Over-consumption of energy and water is not as significant an issue as in other areas of the tourism industry.  However, we do encourage you to take the following action before, during (if hotel stays are included), and after your trek:

In your Hotel

  • If your hotel has a towel washing policy (ie put in the bath for towels to be washed or on the rack to not be washed) please adhere to the policy.
  • Turn taps off properly and report any faults, so that they can be repaired.
  • Turn the lights off when you leave the room.
  • Don´t use electric devices when not needed.
  • Select hotels with sustainable water and energy use policies, or encourage your hotel to adopt them.

Thank you for being a conscientious traveller!

  • It’s not easy to provide a good, sustainable experience and to keep it affordable, largely because we have small groups and we need more people to support us – to bring down overhead costs (rent, office staff employee etc).
  • Thank you for making your booking early, especially if you made it 8 weeks before your travel.  Not only did you give us the best possible chance to get you good services, it also give us time to plan around family events.
  • Have you enjoyed what you experienced?  Have you learnt about sustainability? Please share what you have learn with other travellers, so they are about to make more careful decision of how to trek.

Finally… Have a great time and make sure that those people you met also have great memories.