About TravelinKayak


TravelinKayak is not a travel agency and you will not be treated as a client. We consider ourselves an Atelier of active journeys, designers of exclusive trips in terms of authenticity and unicity. We aim to be ambassador and explorer of culture and wilderness by slow travels.

Most of our trip are “one off”.

Off course we don’t like commercial tours.

Our mission is share experiences by traveling through  the beauties of the Mediterranean and provide the best experience to our participants. 

We love life style, culture, nature.

We use the best equipment as fiberglass kayak made by top quality brands, carbon paddles and so on. Brands we use: Valley Canoe Products, Rockpool Kayaks, Astral Designs, Reed Chillcheater, Palm Equipment, Dagger, Werner, Patagonia, Aquabound and others.

We are ACA (American Canoe Association) coaches graduate sea kayaking and whitewater.

We are based in Italy.

Facebook page facebook.com/travelinkayak/

Our background is made of whitewater and sea kayaking practice.

We are proud of more than 10 years of experience leading kayaking groups safely and having fun, more and more often in partnership with international paddlers and top outfitters.

I’m Marco Venturini, founder and owner of TravelinKayak.

I do this job foremost for passion. I’m always looking to offer you experiences that I like and trips/activities that are original and fascinating.

You are not only dealing with a company, you are dealing with an enthusiastic person, a positive thinker, a professional guide, a sea kayak and whitewater Aca coach, a paddler with more than 20 years of practice, with an heritage of seamanship, with more than 10 years in leading kayaking trips, a watersport lover, a mountainering, a cyclist, an hiker, a trekker, an horse rider.

You are dealing with an expert and prudent driver, a conservative decision maker, a problem solver, a logistic solver.

Even if I don’t practice … I’m an international law university graduate.

I’m passionate about: kayaking, hiking, travels, history, tradition, culture.

I’m curious, always looking for something special, I’m an outdoor men that practice leave no trace.

I trust people, I’m discreet.

I come from a country side area and I grew up in a simple family customer oriented, where hospitality is a gold rule.

Marco Venturini, founder of TravelinKayak.



I like to thank some special persons without whom TravelinKayak would not exsist or would not be as it is.
First my family and my wife.

Jaime Corral Barreiro www.nordeskayak.com

Mario Droghini

Enrico Carrossino TravelinKayak Riviera www.kayakxplore.com

Enrico Verdozzi Smee

Jaime Sharp

Ben Lawry

ACA American Canoe Association

Of course all the friends, partners, participants of adventures that supported this project.
Thank you very much to all of you!

Marco Venturini


We’re the dealer in Italy for:








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