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Imagine mixing fun Kayaking with some scenic hiking, exkplorations on e-bikes and horse riding excursions.


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Sardinia Hiking, kayaking, e -biking, horse riding

Sardinia is an island rich in diversity. Its wild and uncontaminated landscapes offer a
fantastic scenery for a multi-sport trip. Take in the shimmering transparency of the sea and the beauty of the coast by kayaking. E-bike to remote villages in the mountain regions in the hinterland. Hike the path of the shepherds immersed in the Mediterranean flora. A beautiful blue-green-blue experience you won’t forget!

Central Italy hiking, kayaking and e-biking

Central Italy never fails to amaze its visitors. The little picturesque villages of Tuscany,
Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo continue existing after centuries, surrounded by a preserved
natural landscape, with signs from the ancient times all over. Kayak in the Maremma, the Conero, or incredible lakes like Lake Trasimeno, explore the smooth hills from village to village through secondary roads, hike the mountain regions, walk the ancient paths that used to connect the region’s monasteries, and then relax with a glass of wine and the view of the Val D’Orcia.

Dolomites kayaking and hiking

The most beautiful mountains in the world offer all you can imagine and desire from an
active trip, from remote shelters that offer warm hospitality after a long day outdoors to
little fascinating towns on the Lake Garda. You will love kayaking in the alpine lakes and
hiking beautiful spectacular trails in the mountains. You will also love food, Prosecco and
the hospitality of this little great region of Italy.

Corsica kayaking and hiking

In Corsica, you will find everything from imposing mountains to the most beautiful sea,
huge centenary forests, and paths close to the shoreline with breathtaking views. Besides
the magnificent natural landscape, the island will surprise you with its amazing villages,
people with personality, and, of course, delicious food. It is impossible not to fall in love
with Corsica. We will go sea kayaking and hiking, explore the mountains, then back to the sea, then again back to the mountains…

Hvar Island (Croatia) kayaking and bicycling

Thousands of islands with Venetian coastal towns make this part of the Adriatic Sea the
most interesting area on the planet for sea kayaking. We traveled intensively all across
Dalmatia and developed some amazing itineraries among islands, fjords, remote
archipelagos, and lovely little villages. Hvar Island is a paradise for active people
looking for an adventure or an odyssey, but also for a group looking for an unforgettable
and thoroughly enjoyable first experience of sea kayaking and bicycling.

Kefalonia (Greece) kayaking, hiking and horse riding

Kefalonia is the island-paradise of the Ionian sea: a place of infinite surprises, to be
discovered alternating kayaking in heavenly beaches with mountain hikes and horse-
riding. The perfect spot for an exciting and relaxing journey with the bonus of enjoying the proverbial Greek hospitality.

Theme active holidays:

Cooking class, kayaking and hiking

Wine tasting, kayaking and biking

Art and culture, kayaking and hiking

Camping, kayaking, in to the wild cooking class

Charming hospitality around Italian rivers and lakes, kayaking and biking

Medieval and renaissance villages, biking and kayaking

Monasteries and ancient paths, hiking and biking





Looking for an adventure for your family? Do you wish your kids would learn more about nature, kayaking, camping, the sea?
In the summer period, we offer an amazing experience for Mums and Dads, kids and their friends: a self-supported camping adventure that enriches the family’s harmony and shared memories.
Meeting place in Zadar City – Croatia – ferry to Dugi Otok Island
Day 1: we will train and warm up in a fabulous beach were you can learn how to kayak and become familiar with the water and the equipment.

Day 2 and 3: we will explore the coast by kayaking and reach remote beaches where to
relax, enjoy swimming in transparent water, snorkel, and learn to cook in the wild and to set a camping.
Day 4 and 5: we will explore Kornati National Park and camp on a fantastic island in the
middle of the Archipelago.
Day 6: we will reach the little village of Sali, celebrate with fresh beer, pizza and Gelato,
and take the ferry back to Zadar.

Get in touch to define your trip according to your wishes. 

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