Added value

Our trips are considered unique, special: added value trips, far away from commercial ones.

In one word: experiences!


The recipe of this is not easy, but here there are some added values:

– our background is culture, life style, wellness, fitness in this order. We are active, moderate sportive, have great sense of quality of life. Our trips are based on solid local relationship. Small places family runned. Typicity. Authenticity. Sense of the elegance, simplicity.

– Explore mind set: we are curious and always looking for something new, searching for new incentive. Open mind, pleasure of knowledge, go local, stay out of the beaten track, looking for something original, searching for the new, love the unespected. Enthusiasm.

– quality over quantity: small groups, few trips, care of the details, careful plans, orientation to the success of every trip.

– be a participant: think as a client, have interest and passion in discovery the trip like a guest, be involved as an active part. Enjoy the experience as a kid. Sense of humor. Focus on you, not on ourself.

– great passion for kayaking and outdoor slow activities: open to match different sports, use of the ultimate equipment, the most expensive gear, the lightest, the most pleasant. Great attention to safety. Always on the top for being competenced and skilled. Reputation conquered on the field in many year of experiences.

– we treat people: the most difficult part is out of the water. We play as psicologist first, then as guides. Play with in mind the satisfaction of the guest. Great sense of discretion. Consideration of the people more than the plans. Flexibility. Open to change plans. Full availability. Cortesy.