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Surfski (sit on top performing kayak) are awesome! Light, fast, enjoyable. Super fun.



Surfski Vacations offer tailored surfski adventures in unique and exotic location in the central Mediterranean (Italy, Croatia, Corsica, Sardinia, Western Greece) for small groups.

We own a fleet of 9 Stellar Surfski S18S G2. We are based in Italy. 

You can design your own surfski trip, choosing the period, the destination, the level of activity and service required, just get in touch with us.

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GARDA LAKE, the biggest lake of Italy, well know for the great wind conditions.

CROATIA, an awesome surfski park with great winds and short waves.

SARDINIA, awesome wind conditions in a wild contest.

SOUTH ITALY, amazing for winter adventures.

The Mediterranean is an idyllic locations for Surfski. Let us take you to the next level of paddling and experience the exhilaration of surfing the waves, enjoying the rich hospitality, cuisine, culture and beauty of locations that are a little off the beaten track. Do it in style with us!

We are looking for partners to set tailored plans.

Style: Top notch equipment (Stellar S18SG2, carbon paddles,  van & driver)  + Top notch features (best location, great accommodation, on land support for a perfect logistic).

Mobility: based in central Italy, we easily move in the best spot of central Mediterranean Sea (Sardinia,  Croatia,  Greece, Corsica, Garda lake or south Italy).

Flexibility: we are open to different kind of plans (beginners, clubs, partnerships, private events) and be able to accord your wish to the costs, timing, goals, destinations.

Small group: from 4 to 8.

All inclusive: we provide full catered services according to your needs.

Versatility: we can create the best project accordingly to your desire and needs.

Added values: to offer a great experience we create small group, focus on uniform skill level, few events (less is more), tailored plans, best equipment, great location, cared treatment.

Authenticity: authentic uncommon plans, out of the beaten path, for an extraordinay experience.

Responsibility: we are responsible travel and take care on minimaze the impact on the wilderness, respect the local habits and establishing good relationshion with the people we meet. Our style is to deal with family business the most we can.

Culture and fitness: our trips aim to do a good daily fitness activity and leave some time for cultural experiences; simply live like the locals and understand their way, eat typical specialties and take advantage of all the cultural aspects that the rich Mediterranean offers.

Style, simplicity, quality: we like to melt together these three beautiful facts in our trips and our life.

Creativity: it’s the base of our success. Be curious, think about something different and innovative, with a little of unicity.

Business and passion: this project is moved by the passion of travelling, meet new people, discovery different culture and explore the beautiful Mediterranean Sea; the business side is a necessary way to support the first more important aspect.


We provide: van + driver + trailer, quality accommodations.

Kit provided: intermediate surfski (Stellar S18SG2), premium carbon paddles, life jackets, dry bags, leash.

You only need to take your personal gear.

Surfski Stellar S18G2: we have found in the S18G2 of Stellar a perfect machine for the conditions we have in the central Mediterranean Sea.

Design and weight: the S18G2 is a great looking ski and it’s only 14 kg, the shape and the fiberglass help the glideness.

Stability: enough stable and great for beginner but very nice to paddle if you are a pro.

Speed: super good accelaration and speed.

Versatile: good for many sizes, good for many levels, and with the two big seal compartments you carry on with you gear for the day.

Fun! It’s super fun to use and great in many different conditions.

On the flat: still very fast boat in flat condition, super tracking and very manouvrable.

On downwind: A Blast! The perfect machine for the short braking waves that we have here with a wind of 15 knots or more.

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